4×4: Questions For Now

4×4: Questions For Now

Nearly a month after we ventured out for 4×4 Dance, Body and the Environment, we caught up with participant Sarah Hopfinger to hear about her explorations and discoveries on the Isle of Eigg.

What follows is a series of questions in response to the experience of the Dance, Body and the Environment residency. They were written on Eigg, sitting on a beach. They were written in an attempt to continue understanding and re-understanding the complexity and simplicity of moving and dancing with other human and non-human bodies and selves.
Sarah Hopfinger

How do I know you? How do I know you? How do I know you? How do we know here? How are we here? What am I bringing here? What arises here?
How do I stay in the unknown through knowing over and over again? Where is my knowing today? What changes occur today? How much happens in a day?

How do I be here with you? How do I witness you? How do I be you in this moment? How do I be you and still me in this moment? How do you see you in me? How do I move in response to you? How do I inhabit the energies you have discovered here? How do I inhabit as me, as me being with and through you – you who has been here? How do we know space? How do we know distance? How do we know hand, rock, moss? How do we remember ourselves in being and moving with what is not quite ourselves? How do we know water, breath, air, darkness, stars, dry heather, clothes, hair, wind, horizons, birds, skin, sand, pebbles? How do I know you? How do I know you?

How do we occur? How do we occur amongst what is else occurring? How are we occurrences in an ongoing, occurring world? How can we feel ourselves-in-formation? How are we forming? What is forming here?

How can I name? How can I name you? How can I name moving and forming? How can I name without pinning, objectifying, holding, boundary-making? How can I name us here? Who are we here? What allows us to be here? What have we already put here? What have we already constructed? What is experienced? What are we in this formation? With these formations? What selves are here? What do we come to know and discover here? What is knowing here?