Bon 4 Bon – Chang Dance Theatre

Friday 3 May, 20.45 and Sunday 5 May, 14.00

Synopsis: From subtle memories of family life to their profound relationship with dance, Bon 4 Bon is a heart-warming story of four brothers and their memories of growing up together in Taiwan. The piece is specially choreographed for the four brothers of Chang Dance Theatre by Israeli choreographer. Eyal Dadon.

Broadway Baby – ★★★★★  The List – ★★★★ The Guardian – ★★★★

Our Take:  It is a rare work that gladdens and entertains and is reassuringly free of sentimentality.  It’s not made for a specific age range and I’ll go out on a dancing limb to say it would delight anyone 7/8yrs and above –  or the mango juice is on me. (see Director’s mini blog )

This work is related to family, long-term relationships, trust, home and memories. Many questions have been brought up throughout the process. How close we think we are to the people whom we grew up with? How are we, as people, being defined? By the education we receive, or the habits we had in our childhood? The piece is also about us ourselves as individuals in society and how we interpret things that we all see or hear in different ways. The movement is expressing the music, the colours in it, ands comes from the dancers’ memories and life experiences.

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