Festival Party & Cake

Festival Party & Cake

with Eleanor Sikorski.
Enjoy Bodysurf Scotland’s festival party, celebrating the very first Rise Dance Festival with nibbles and drinks amongst a sea of party hats, balloons, streamers and Eleanor Sikorski’s famous Cake… Possibly the shortest ever performance in four acts on the smallest ever stage, Cake is a surprise for the faint hearted, where sequins and love hearts from the backdrop to life’s biggest questions. Cake image © Camilla Greenwell.

… it’s a love-fest, an invitation to partake in an intimate serving of four acts … She is an exuberant circus performer, a gymnast gone rogue, a movie-star of old, thriving on the adoration of her fans. Fiona Millward, Independent Dance

About the artist:
Eleanor Sikorski is a choreographer and performer whose solo work spans dance, cabaret and comedy. She currently works as a dancer for choreographers Eva Recacha, Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandre Achour. Eleanor is also a member of Bellyflop Magazine – an artist led magazine curating and writing about contemporary dance in London.

Sunday 25 May, 15:00
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time tbc.

Festival Party (with Cake): £4 (adults), FREE (u18)
Festival Pass: £45.00 / £22.50
Sunday Day Pass: £15.00 / £7.50

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