Bodysurf Scotland is pleased to welcome back Deborah Hay, on behalf of Independent Dance, for a closed residential workshop with a group of professional dancers.

The workshop, which takes place in August 2015, will be held at the Universal Hall and include a public showing of “Turn Your F*^cking Head”.

About the workshop:
The residency builds upon a week-long workshop held last year at Independent Dance, London, researching choreography. For those who participated, it was a rare chance to experience Deborah’s making process and a rich opportunity to practice the performance of her questions within an evolving work. As this gave so much to Deborah and her participants, Independent Dance decided to offer a second week-long workshop in Findhorn.

About the screening:
“Turn Your F*^cking Head” follows the final edition of dancer and choreographer Deborah Hay’s unique Solo Performance Commissioning Project. In an intense learning environment, Hay challenges the experienced performers with movement concepts that trigger multiple levels of perception at once. She choreographs the world ‘between’ moments, where movement proclivity plays second fiddle to exercised inquiry. Dance filmmaker Becky Edmunds creates an absorbing and beautiful documentary of this exceptional artist as she continues to redefine what performance is and how performers perform.

Dates for the showing are to be announced – watch this space or email Click here to see the DVD package. 

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