English Channel

English Channel

Liz Aggiss
After 60 years, Liz Aggiss finally gives herself permission to do what she damn well pleases. Better late than never! She’s reached an age where doing the right thing is optional. Should she please you, or should she please herself?

The English Channel is the story of a career forged in the heady waters of performance art and dance-film. It vividly depicts Liz Aggiss resuscitating herself back into the on-stage limelight. In the process, she becomes an unwitting channel for wilful women and forgotten archives; a conduit for hidden histories and buried truths. She is your cunning connection to ‘the other side’; a witty commentator on life and death; on the pain, pleasure and paradox of the stage.

Using her body as the medium through which to act out and act up, the choreography and texts (written by Aggiss) are framed by contemporary and archive film. The specially composed music score (by Alan Boorman/Wevie) includes some knock-out musical numbers. Surprise guests are channelled into being. On a stage of chaos anything can happen, nobody can leave, everyone is present. Knock twice for yes.

 One of those glorious wild cards who grounds her eccentricities in a bedrock of serious cultural and social information. Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland

About the artist:
Liz Aggiss is an undisciplined artist with an undisciplined body of work. Since 1980 he has been a Wild Wiggler, Grotesque Dancer, Diva, Guerrilla Dancer, Trout, Golem and Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Brighton. Creating her work for stage and screen, Aggiss is driven by content, embodies feminist dance practices and is framed by the politics that challenge and resist the ‘authority’ of formal conventions. She has an honorary doctorate from the University of Gothenburg.

Sunday 25 May, 13:45
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time tbc.

English Channel: £10 (adults), £5 (u18)
Festival Pass: £45 / £22.50
Sunday Day Pass: £15 / £7.50

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