Julie & Robbie – Robbie Synge

7pm, Friday 8 June 2018 – Short Film
7pm, Saturday 9 June 2018 – Talk (Robbie Synge)
Universal Hall (Auditorium)
15 minutes, suitable for all ages

Evening Ticket*: £12 / £8 u18s
* Includes Julie & Robbie, Mus Ro Faclan Ann, Evolutio and Brocade.

Explore Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge’s adventurous and increasingly visible practice, identifying personal disability access issues and solving them in novel, collaborative and proactive ways. Underpinned by the notion of challenging what is physically possible, their actions highlight problems around free movement in public places and propose new possibilities for cooperative, embodied ways of being together.

A performance, design and film project, Julie & Robbie is the overall name for our eight year collaboration. As close friends, our practice is rooted in studio-based research and the development of a very practical floor based technique, allowing us to move together. Having spent many years inside dance studios, our ambitions have taken us into the public domain with the ambitions of achieving and enjoying simple actions together, often requiring innovative, design-involved, collaborative solutions. Robbie Synge

About Robbie Synge
Robbie Synge is an independent dance artist producing performance, film and other work that is routed in choreographic thinking around the body, and the natural and built environment. Studying ‘Dance in the Community’ at Laban (London) in 2009, Robbie’s movement practice was founded in skateboarding and martial arts, as well as reflecting his education in biological science and physiology. Using the rural setting of his home in the Scottish Highlands to inform his work, Robbie has a strong interest in encouraging alternative design for centralised and city based institutional expectations and initiatives, and the opportunity for activity and development out-with the city, involving professional artists in connection with local communities.

A #DanceNorth supported artist, Robbie was an associate artist at Tramway, Glasgow (2016-17) and is currently an associate artist at Dance Base, Edinburgh.
For more information, visit Robbie’s website.