Latin Beach

Latin Beach

Lucy Suggate
Latin Beach is a performer, she has a desire for sparkle and fierce competitive streak. A look at what could have been if I’d kept up my Latin Jazz classes, but I didn’t, I stopped at the age of 13 found the floor and gave into gravity.

The solo examines the relationship between childhood desires and the adult critical body, splicing together genuine and forced actions. By doing and repeating the work, Suggate reveals what lies behind the facade – the paint, the retching, the trips and mistakes.

A jarring, disconcerting solo that says more about the constraints on female sexuality in a few minutes than plenty of text-based theatre says in an hour. Chitra Ramaswamy, Scotland on Sunday

About the artist:
Lucy Suggate and The Bodyform emerged in 2009 as a vehicle for the artist’s solo work. Choosing to work independently, Suggate strives for autonomy and sustainability whilst reclaiming back the creative act into the arms of the artist. All work by Suggate produced post 2008 has been made with little or no funding – a partly conscious and mostly inevitable decision. Since 2010, Suggate’s work has gained recognition and acclaim across the European touring scene.

Friday 23 May, 19:40
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time 7 minutes

A&E & Latin Beach: £10 (adults), £5 (u18) on the door
Festival Pass: £45 / £22.50
Friday Day Pass: £15 / £7.50

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