Passing Through – Julie Cleves & Robbie Synge






Sunday 5 May, 14.45

Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge have been close friends since meeting at a dance company audition in London over eight years ago. We didn’t get the job.
Passing Through shares the story and practice of Julie and Robbie’s eight years of artistic experimentation and friendship. Escaping the studio and becoming visible, Julie and Robbie try to push the limits of what is possible together through bringing materials and their bodies together. Novel solutions to tricky problems allow us to share experiences together and achieve apparently straightforward actions.

Passing Through is about two people doing what they do, at work and in friendship. Taking time, taking care and getting somewhere together. Touch, effort, risk, motivation and goals. It is about new technology or new approaches with technology and challenges expectations and assumptions. It asks us to consider the details.

Passing Through is one of several outcomes of Julie and Robbie’s ongoing collaboration.

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