Paysages Mixtes & Dix Commandements – Katrina McPherson & Harold Rhéaume

Sunday 5 May, 16.00

Dance North is thrilled to be presenting the world premier of Paysages Mixes, the eagerly awaited film by Scottish screendance artist Katrina McPherson and Québec City choreographer Harold Rhéaume. Both artists, vibrant leaders in their fields, will be here at Rise with a company of dancers from Québec and Scotland to screen and talk about the new work and present live extracts of their new screendance work Dix Commandements.

Synopsis: Passages Mixtes is a series of duets and solos that, filmed in evocative rural and urban landscapes across Scotland and Québec, move through nuanced versions of the duo’s relationship. Following this world premiere, the audience will gain an exciting preview of Dix Commandements, an exploration of morality in the 21st century. This will take the shape of live performance and film extracts from this new project working with artists from different backgrounds.

Our Take:  A deeply evocative, intimate film, full of glimpses history and narrative fragments. At times it’s quite unworldly, unnerving and always beautiful. The absence of words, indeed absence of everything in-between the fragments, makes it powerful film. (See Director’s mini blog)

Scotland-Québec Connects | World Premiere

#DNA: Katrina McPherson is a Dance North Artist

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