Simone Kenyon – looking for contributors

Simone Kenyon – looking for contributors

Women’s Knowledge of the Cairngorms – seeking conversations and contributions from women who have experience and memories of walking in the Cairngorms.

Simone Kenyon is an artist and dance maker whose work explores our relationships to place. Now based in Newtonmore, Scotland, Simone is currently researching ways in which female walkers experience being in Scottish landscapes. The project celebrates and explores specifically the region of the Cairngorms described in Nan Shepherd’s book The Living Mountain.

Simone is looking to speak with as many women of all ages and experiences who have spent time in the Cairngorm region to collect accounts of women working and walking on the Cairngorm National Park. Whether you’re interest in this area is for work, leisure, science or physical activity, and whether you’re a winter visitor or walk in the warmer months, Simone would like to hear from you about your experiences.

For more information, email Simone at:

These conversations will develop ideas for future dance projects and performances in and about the region.

You can read more about this project and the conversations by visiting Simon’s website.

“She knew that topography has long offered humans powerful allegories, keen ways of figuring ourselves to ourselves, strong means of shaping memories and giving form to through”. Robert MacFarlane on Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain.

This project is funded by Creative Scotland and supported by Bodysurf Scotland.