Eleanor Sikorski & Alberto Ruiz Soler
Eleanor and Alberto are pretty cynical when it comes to love. Consequently, their first sweaty collaboration has ended up being precisely about that. Using each other to re-tell their own romances, they push each other towards physical exhaustion. By revealing their personal failings and embarrassments, they touch upon a very universal experience – relishing both the mundane tale and the agonising heartbreak. They expose the absurdity of the ‘love story’, tying themselves up in knots and bruising each other in the process.

About the artists:
Alberto Ruiz Soler has been working mainly as a sound composer for contemporary dance for the last eight years, developing abstract soundscapes and experimental music. Alberto aims to invite people to share an experience. He is a member of BLOOM! with whom he has created CITY, TAME GAME and The End is Near. He has also worked with several choreographers such as Eva Recacha, Lola Maury, Jesús Rubio, Riccardo Buscarini and Antonio de la Fe. Alberto is currently undergoing a masters in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.

Eleanor Sikorski is a choreographer and performer whose solo work spans dance, cabaret and comedy. She currently works as a dancer for choreographers Eva Recacha, Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandre Achour. Eleanor is also a member of Bellyflop Magazine – an artist-led magazine curating and writing about contemporary dance in London. 

Friday 23 May, 19:00
Universal Hall, Findhorn
Running time 40 minutes.

A&E & Latin Beach: £10 (adults), £5 (u18) on the door
Festival Pass: £45 / £22.50
Friday Day Pass: £15 / £7.50

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